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PAP wines is a boutique artisan winery focused on producing the highest quality wines every year. It was founded by Aron Molnar and Karina Vissonova owing to the passion for wine and the joy of working with nature. At PAP wines, we care for our organically grown vines cultivating their highest potential to produce the best vintages. We believe the lay of the land and the volcanic soil of the Szent György-hegy offers unique wines true to the land. Our job is to bottle this truth.

PAP wines - bottling the truth.

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The basalt rich volcanic soil of the Szent György-hegy, its generous slopes facing the lake Balaton and the preserved biodiversity compose a land with distinct characteristics for its vineyards. Our vineyards are located on 2 hectares on the South and South-East slopes of the volcano. We work with organic methods of vineyard care. The grapes are harvested by hand selecting the berries.

We handcraft a small selection of red and white wines following the methods of artisan wine making. Both red and white wines are matured in barrique barrels of Hungarian oak. At PAP wines what is of first and foremost importance is the quality of the wine.

In our standard selection we have Pinot Noir and ‘Bazalt’ cuvee as our red wines, and Pinot Gris and Olaszriszling as our white wines.



For wine enquiries please call or SMS +36 30 374 3099, or email to

pinot noir

Our Pinot Noir is a medium bodied dry red wine. The vintages consistently give recognisable notes of liquorice root and display the minerality of the terroir characteristic to the volcanic wines of Szent Gyorgy-hegy. Our selection of Pinot Noirs are barriqued and unfiltered. The Pinot Noir vintages are PN14, PN15, PN16 and PN17.


Our Olaszrizling is a single vineyard dry white wine. The vintages of this variety tend to offer intense colour and a complex palette characteristic to white wines grown on Szent Gyorgy-hegy. Organically grown, hand selected and aged in barrique barrels. Our Olaszrizling is a good ambassador for artisan wine making and of the Szent Gyorgy-hegy. Vintages OR15, OR16, OR17 and OR18.


Bazalt is a blend of Cabernet Souvignon, Cabernet Frank and Merlot grapes with the addition of Zweigelt. It is a wine with a complex palette promising to mature over time. We consider the BAZALT as our finest wine. The vintages are BAZALT15 and BAZALT17.

pinot gris

The Pinot Gris is a full bodied dry white wine with considerable notes of volcanic minerals and salinity attributed to the wines of the Szent György-hegy. This is a single vineyard wine from our vineyard on the South East facing slopes of the hill. The wine is aged in barrique barrels and it has a rich palette with a long finish. Vintages PG16, PG17 and PG18.

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Heima Photos



Since 2017 our home is also a family restaurant. Our Kitchen concept is simple – a weekly menu of a small selection of ‘tapas’ size vegetarian dishes inspired by Indian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. We prepare simple staple meals of these cultures, akin to home cooking or common street foods. Our recipes are collected from travels, friends, the families of our friends, and created by the simple love for making delicious and nutritious vegetarian food. All dishes are made from ingredients grown in our fully organic permaculture garden or have been carefully selected from local sources. Therefore, the menu is always adjusted to what the season offers. Our Kitchen is open spring to autumn serving wine and food on our shaded terrace with views to the garden and the vineyards. Prior reservations are recommended.


Our kitchen is closed for the season.

For wine and other enquiries please call or SMS +36 30 374 3099, or email to

Heima Photos
Heima Photos

our story


We never thought of becoming wine makers. We fell into the craft after we had discovered our home on the Szent György-hegy, where we settled to begin a peaceful life, to live in harmony with nature and give ourselves enough time to truly experience our lives. The wine making just so happened as both of us always appreciated a good glass of wine and here we found ourselves amongst spectacular vineyards and wineries. What else could we have done but to make wine.

Aron was born in London to Hungarian German parents. Istvan and Bella Molnar were the restauranteurs behind the success of the two famous Hungarian restaurants in London - their own "Molnars", and the Soho based "Gay Hussar" managed by Bella. The "Gay Hussar" was a place with simple food and good wine, never short of dining guests, among them some prominent public figures. The senior Molnars themselves were prolific cooks often entertaining guests in their home. The love for cooking and wine stayed with Aron when he left London and travelled through the Middle East and the Mediterranean, learning and experiencing the many foods of these cultures. He learnt to cook staple Indian cuisine from a family in North India, where he lived for 5 years. He walked in the Himalayas for months observing the food culture in tea houses along the path.

Karina, born in Riga, and Aron met in Copenhagen, where Aron’s occupation as a DJ and Karina's studies had led them. After many years in Scandinavia's most hip city, Aron and Karina settled in Hungary.

The name, PAP is short for “Papa Aron Pince” developed from Aron’s DJ name - Papa Aron, and which later came to be the “PAP wines”.
PAP wines is a venture which developed without a grand plan. Our first wines were made for own enjoyment. We were simply being curious what is the best wine that can be produced from each harvest. Our vision for the PAP wines is to remain a small boutique winery.



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For reservations, wine tastings and enquiries please call or SMS +36 30 374 3099, or email to


We do not guaratnee reservations made via Facebook or other social media.


Please note that we may cancel your reservation after 30min if you are delayed.


Please notify us if you have dietary requirements such as vegan, lactose or gluten free.


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